Our goal is to expediently find the right candidate to meet your requirements.

What do we do?

Match the ideal candidate to meet your requirements in the shortest time frame.
Apply a unique combination of psychology testing and personality investigation to retain the greatest resource.
Interview and assess the candidate skills at your request.

Benefits for Employer

Our mission is to provide the placement of candidates of all levels on a temporary or permanent basis. We understand your desire for the best and we are committed to continuous improvement in the recruitment field.

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Our resource database contains highly qualified candidates and is regularly updated.
Your confidential information will not be disclosed to third parties without your approval.
We have expertise in the labor market and a wide range of industries and business practices.

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Benefits for Candidate

A Recent Graduate

An Experienced Professional seeking further career goals

A Retiree looking for a temporary or part-time job

Unomous Recruiting can help
you plan your career path and achieve your career goals by providing you with:

Professional advice on planning and managing your career

A discovery of your own potential through our career assessment tool.

Better opportunities for improve work-life balance.

Better long-term financial rewards.

You can log in to your own account to check or update your CV at any time.
Your CV will be absolutely confidential and will only be released to third parties with your approval.

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